Rate Limits

The maximum number of requests that are allowed is based on a time interval, some specified period, or a window of time.
If an endpoint has a rate limit of 60 requests / minute, then up to 60 requests over any minute interval is allowed.

The default rate in the below table will be used unless otherwise mentioned for the object.

DefaultCRUD20 requests / second
InvoicesCRUD, Download2000 requests / month
Invoices (Bulk)Send60 requests / minute
Simplified InvoiceCRUD, Download2000 requests / month
Credit NotesCRUD, Download2000 requests / month
Debit NotesCRUD2000 requests / month
ExpensesCRUD2000 requests / month

Sending invoices in large volumes

If you think you'll need to send more than 2,000 invoices per month, you must use the Invoices (Bulk) endpoint. It is designed to send invoices in large volumes.